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Dr. Binita Mallapur is a trained Plastic Surgeon based in Belagavi with a rich experience of around 13 years. She completed her M.B.B.S(1999-2003), from Padmashree Dr. D.Y.Patil Medical College, Navi Mumbai, M.U.H.S. DNB (General Surgery) (2006-2009) from Lokmanya Hospital, Chinchwad, Pune, NBE, DNB (Plastic Surgery) (2011-2014) from Bombay Hospital and Institute of Medical Research, Mumbai, NBE followed by Fellowship in Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery (2016-2018) at J.N.Medical College, KAHER, Belagavi.

She started her career as a plastic surgeon post her intensive training in the subject, since2010. Ever since, she has successfully treated hundreds of patients in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries so that they can lead a fulfilling life. She has had a rich experience in some of the best hospitals in the country including MGM Hospital, KEM, Wadia Hospital, Bombay Hospital and now at KAHER (KLE) in Belagavi as Associate Professor. She also practices through her clinic where patients can consult her.

Dr. Binita was awarded “Vasudhan Arjin Fellowship In Laser Surgery” by the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India for the year 2013 and the “KEM Travelling Fellowship in Microsurgery” by the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India for the year 2014 which she completed at the Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore. She has several research publications to her credit and has organized numerous camps for plastic surgery across the country.


Dr. Binita is a member of -
  • Association of Plastic Surgeons of India(APSI)
  • Indian Society of Cleft Lip Palate and Craniofacial Anomalies (ISCLPCA).
  • Indian Society for Surgery of Hand(ISSH)
  • Cleft Surgeon in KLES Smile Train Project
  • Brachial Plexus Surgeon Society of India
  • Karnataka Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons(KAPRAS)

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All kinds of plastic surgery procedures are available with experienced Plastic Surgeon Dr. Binita Mallapur from Belagavi.

Plastic Surgery includes different types

Reconstructive Surgery

The main aim is to improve quality of life of the person by reconstructing an organ or part of the body that has been rendered dysfunctional due to certain reasons.

(Ex. For cleft lip/palate, Onco-reconstructive surgery, covering burn marks, etc.).

Cosmetic Surgery

Here the main aim is to enhance the look of the part of the body that you desire to be improved.

(Ex. Rhinoplasty, Liposutcion, Facial Scar revision, etc.)

Facilities Procedure

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Facial Scar Revisiony

Scars are caused due to surgery, injury, acne or other reasons when the wound heals but leaves behind an unsightly mark on the face. It can result in low levels of confidence and impair normal functioning in several people. Facial Scars can be greatly reduced by topical treatments, minimally invasive procedures or surgical interventions that make them less visible. You can consult Dr. Binita Mallapur to understand how you can visibly enhance your appearance and regain your confidence.


In an age when appearances matter a lot for your personal life as well as advancement in professional life, deposits of fat in certain areas of your body may make the body appear less pleasing. Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat from areas that you have found hard to lose despite prolonged attempts- especially areas like the belly, buttocks, arms or thighs. Scores of patients have trusted Dr. Binita Mallapur for their weight loss journey and returned fully satisfied with the results.


Are you conscious of a sagging tummy that you frequently hide beneath clothes? Then you would be pleasantly surprised to know that you can get rid of this problem. Also known popularly as ‘Tummy Tuck procedure’, the procedure of abdominoplasty involves reducing the fat and loose skin on the upper and lower abdomen. A sagging and bulging belly is a common worry for many people, especially post delivery among women or post surgery and rapid weight loss.


The nose is the totem pole of our facial features. A sharp structured nose lifts the overall appeal of the face. But sometimes, when we have a broad nose, blunt, small, flat or crooked nose, we wish to alter it. People who wish to change the way their nose appears opt for Rhinoplasty. It could also be for functional purposes when nasal airways need to be widened to allow proper breathing. It takes skill to perform this procedure because the nose determines the facial aesthetics to a large extent. Dr. Binita Mappapure has treated numerous patients to dramatically change the way their nose looks with safe procedures.

Breast Augmentation

Too many myths surround this procedure which, when done under expert hands, can greatly enhance the confidence of a woman. Breast Augmentation is done to enhance the shape and size of the breasts among young women. This is done by using silicone implants or fat transfer in the breast tissue. This safe procedure is done by Dr. Binita Mallapur and the implants do not hamper breastfeeding.

Contact Dr. Binita Mallapur to clarify all doubts regarding this surgery.

Dimple Creation and Earlobe repair

So you’ve always loved Shahrukh Khan or Alia Bhat for their cute dimples? The charm of a person whose cheeks flash a dimple every time he/she smiles is alluring for many. Now you can also boast of a dimple and get it right here in Belagavi.

A dimple can be created through a simple procedure called Dimpleplasty where a tiny suture is skilfully made in your cheeks which looks extremely natural and charming.

Using heavy earrings can sometimes enlarge the piercing of the earlobe. Why would you stop wearing those gorgeous Chaand Balis and Jhumkis when you can treat your earlobes in Belagavi? Women of all ages have benefitted with Dr. Binita Mallapur’s skill for a simple procedure which can relieve you of the problem of an enlarged earlobe.


So have you been using all those filters on Instagram for getting that flawless skin? If you feel your skin is lifeless/ has pigmentation or needs some help, you must consult Dr. Binita Mallapur.

Dr. Binita uses Dermabrasion, a technique that peels off the outer dermal layer of your skin using a rapidly rotating machine. This exfoliation results in some redness of skin for few days but the new skin that grows is much more soft and glowing. It also reduces mild scars and pigmentation on your skin.

Non surgical facial rejuvenation :

Glowing skin is a hallmark of health and appeal. But sometimes, age and health conditions may strip your skin of its natural beauty. Lose no heart for solutions galore with Dr. Binita. This includes usage of chemical treatments like

This includes usage of chemical treatments like

Botox – a type of injectable protein used in mild doses to relax your facial muscles, tighten your skin and eliminate wrinkles. You don’t have to be a Bollywood filmstar to get this treatment, it’s very much available in Belagavi.

Chemical peels – everybody loves glowing skin. Certain chemicals are used to peel off the outer layer of your skin on the face, neck and hands and the skin that grows back appears rejuvenated and supple.

Hydra facial that uses mild abrasion, exfoliation, suction of dead cells and penetration of serums in the skin leaving it soft and glowing.

Laser treatment for scars and excess hair

Scars keep reminding you of the wounds that healed. But you can now get rid of this unwanted mark with Dr. Binita Mallapur’s Laser Treatment procedures.

Laser beam has been successfully used to drastically reduce scars, especially on the face. The focused light beam helps erase the damaged skin cells on the outer layer and to help re-growth of skin in that area. Lasers are also used to treat age spots, warts and wrinkles on the skin. Laser hair removal for the face, especially from the upper lip is a common form of plastic surgery that helps you get rid of unwanted facial hair permanently.


Burn injuries make patients anxious about the wounds and the scars. Although burn injuries may be painful, full recovery is possible to a large extent with the help of skilled Doctors like Dr. Binita Mallapur.

Patients with burn injuries need immediate attention for healing the wound first through antibiotics and IV Fluids, then rehabilitation and finally reconstruction of the burnt area. An extensive intervention is required for third degree burns so that the patient not only heals, but also regains original form to a large extent. The entire gamut of treatment is available at our facility including counselling.

Medical advancement through plastic surgery has enabled burn patients to reduce scars and disfiguration of skin caused by burns. When the skin burns, it leaves behind unsightly marks. Even after healing, the skin in that area becomes tight (scar contracture). Specialized surgeries are available in Belagavi for burns caused due to minor accidents like oil splatter to major burns caused by a blast of cooking stove, vehicle engine combustion or electric burns.

Hand, tendon, nerve injury

The human hand performs hundreds of functions everyday and any damage or injury to this can severely impact the quality of life. Hand surgery is done when it is injured, deformed due to birth defects, rheumatic diseases, etc. Apart from procedures like skin graft, skilled plastic surgeons also perform tendon repairs (tendons are fibres that fuse the bone and the muscles together). Surgery of nerves is advised when an injury results in damage to nerves and resultant loss of sensation or function of the hand. This surgery is now possible in Belagavi done by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Binita Mallapur.

Brachial Plexus injury

This common injury has very effective surgical options that can minimise the consequences like loss of hand function. The brachial plexus is the network of nerves that transports signals from the spinal cord to the shoulders, hands and arms. An injury caused during high intensity vehicular accidents results in an inability to use the hand. Earlier, only physiotherapy was the long-drawn option but now brachial plexus surgery is advised to restore hand function to the person.

This unique surgery is now available in your Belagavi city with Dr. Binita Mallapur. Contact us to know more about how you can regain your hand’s strength with this surgery.

Cleft and craniofacial surgery

Birth defects need not impact your baby forever. Craniofacial defects occur mostly in children in the form of birth or congenital deformities and can also result due to disease or accidents. It includes cleft lip, cleft palate and other complications. Untreated cleft defects can lead to severe impairment in speech, dental problems and facial appearance. A surgery to treat these problems can be done even on children to enable them lead a normal life and also restores a pleasant smile!.

A single consultation with Dr. Binita will enable you understand the myriad possibilities to give your child the gift of life.

Microvascular surgery

Why spend the rest of your life in pain and discomfort when you can restore your severed body part

Accidents or trauma can result in severing of the hand, fingers, toes and other body parts. These parts can be reattached to the body by reconnecting the small blood vessels so that blood circulation can resume and the body part can become functional as soon as possible to its maximum extent.

Onco- reconstructive surgery

When you can conquer the dreaded disease, you can also regain your confidence.

Cancer treatment involves options like chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Onco-reconstructive surgery helps to repair the damage caused due to surgery and radiation to the skin, tissues, nerves and other body parts like the breasts.

Maxillofacial surgery (Trauma)

The face, jaw and mouth can be severely injured and damaged due to accidents, trauma, disease (like oral cancer, cysts, tumours, etc. ) which can result in pain and hamper speech and food intake. Surgery involves restoring functions of the teeth, jaw, mouth, bones and tissues. Fractures of facial bones can be extremely traumatic and need urgent intervention by plastic surgeons like Dr. Binita Mallapur.

Hair Treatment

Your hair is your crowning glory when it adorns the head and not elsewhere. Get rid of unwanted body hair with some simple procedures now available in Belagavi.

Hair reduction (laser) – getting rid of unwanted facial hair including upper lips, chin, hairline and the sideburns.

Medical management – A process that infuses micro nutrients into the scalp to deal with specific nutrition deficiency causing hair loss. It is done by dual means- through local application on the scalp and supplements.

Protein Rich Plasma – plasma is separated from your own blood and injected into the scalp to augment hair growth Hair transplant- Thinning hair need not create havoc in your life. Now you can avail of a safe hair transplant procedure at the skilful hands of Plastic surgeon Dr. Binita Mallapur. Hair from other areas of your head are extracted and transplanted on the balding area leaving you smiling all over again.

Fat grafting

This technique uses your body fat which is removed through liposuction and injected into another area. Fat can be removed from your belly or other areas , filtered and used to inject in the face (under eyes, cheeks, etc), breasts, buttocks, hands or feet. When injected in the face, it also helps in facial rejuvenation thereby assisting in anti ageing, fading away wrinkles and improving your skin’s appearance. What are you waiting for? Grab that phone and consult Dr. Binita right away.

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Why would you suffer when you have all the solutions


I was suffering with Varicose Veins on my left leg with 3 ulcers almost 1.5-2 cm deep and some smelly fluid oozing out of it, I was tired of different types of medicines and treatments and was advised a surgical repair. I did not wish to have surgical repair so continued with self dressing at home. My friend suggested me to consult Dr Binita Mallapur then I visited the clinic and was treated with compression bandages and medicine Dr Binita Mallapur advised me with some Do’s and Don’ts, which helped me recover more faster then I expected and my wounds have completely healed now and I do not have any problem with my leg anymore. The treatment was very easy and simply to follow but with a unbelievable results almost a miracle happen. Dr Binita Mallapur’s way of treatment was really very appreciable. Today I work as normally as before without any problems and the wounds have healed so perfectly without any signs of recurrence. I am really thankful to Dr Binita Mallapur for her help and advised throughout.



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Great Plastic Surgery requires a dedicated, outstanding team of professionals. Dr.Binita Mallapur is experienced, knowledgeable and truly cares about ensuring each and every patient an experience that not only meets but exceeds your every expectation. We realize that undergoing Plastic Surgery is an important major event in a person’s life and we are here to support you every step of the way. We often receive compliments from our patients on the friendliness, helpfulness, and compassion of our staff and it helps make what we do even more enjoyable and rewarding. Our staff is always available to answer your questions or concerns and will truly make your Plastic Surgery experience with us a pleasant one from your first visit to us through the completion of your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questioins

Why spend the rest of your life in pain and discomfort when you can restore your severed body part

All kinds of plastic surgery procedures are available with experienced Plastic Surgeon Dr. Binita Mallapur from Belagavi.

  • It is the innate desire of human beings to look pleasing. At times, our appearance gets altered owing to surgery, age or accidents, resulting in disfiguration of our body at specific areas. Ex. An injury caused during an accident leaves you with permanent scars. Plastic surgery is the most common solution to regain your original physical form to a large extent. .

  • Our body loses its original form due to certain undesired reasons. It could happen in any form – accidents, ailments, surgeries, trauma- that leaves your body in an altered state. Then one would be born with features that you wish to change to appear more pleasing. Why would you suffer when there are multiple options to regain your original self?

    • Persons who need surgical assistance in order to regain their original body form which has been altered due to reasons like surgery or burns can opt for plastic surgery to improve their functionality

    • Persons who desire specific change in their appearance for purely cosmetic reasons can also opt for plastic surgery. It enhances their aesthetic appeal and greatly influences confidence levels.

  • You would only trust the best doctor to alter your physical features. Opting for Plastic Surgery for reconstructive or cosmetic purpose is solely dependent on the requirement of the person. However, one must bear in mind certain things before choosing the right doctor-

    • The right medical qualifications.

    • Fully equipped modern facilities .

    • Credentials from past works in the form of unedited photos of before and after of patients.

    • Giving accurate information about the procedure and all risks involved.

    • Honest assessment of possible results.

    • Post surgery care.

    • Adequate counselling .

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